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an Entrepreneur Who battles Bipolar Daily, Shares practical methods to navigate Successfully through life, By Providing high energy, Musical & Motivational Keynote Concerts

Discover how youth, employees and business owners can learn how to create success from mental health challenges.

In 2005, at age 23, Josh arrived home after 10 days in the Sacramento Mental Health treatment center. They told him he had Bipolar which launched him into an immediate identity crisis. However, with a wife of 2 years and a 1 year old son, Josh had to decide whether to GIVE IN OR TO GET GOING. He decided to do the best he could with what he had. Since then, Josh has graduated college, developed products and services, and has founded multiple companies. He's the proud father of seven children.

Josh speaks about Overcoming Mental and Emotional Challenges like Bipolar and how to flourish and thrive. In Josh's speeches the audience will learn how to become self-aware, understand themselves better, and focus on creating a foundation that is theirs and no one else's. Josh's message, along with the original songs that he adds to his stories, will help your people feel more hope and walk away with a better understanding of what there next step is.

"I graduated from college when I never thought I could. I ran a business during college while doubting my abilities. I tripled my income by learning how to code and entering the tech industry. I created a marketing agency and have helped numerous clients meet their own goals.

I believe there is nothing you can't do, but you've got to structure your efforts around who you are right now. You can't ignore where you're at. But, then, go. Do your best and learn all you can. Then, some day, you'll need a telescope to look back and see who you were and where you have once been. It's all possible, but it must be calculated."

— Josh Holladay

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    Stuart Draper, CEO of Stukent - ProfCon 2023

    Josh was a pleasure to work with and could be the perfect addition. He is a good singer, songwriter.

    Amy Helm

    Josh's passion for music is so evident in the way he composes, sings and performs. I know he puts his whole heart into what he creates in his music. His voice is full and rich and he takes pride in sharing his gifts to brighten and enhance others' lives.

    Jill Nilsen

    I've played piano for Josh on multiple occasions. Josh has a unique passion that comes through in his music. He feels the music and the words while he sings which allows for others to feel the words and the music in a powerful way.

    Erin Hansen

    Josh is very passionate about music. He loves to create and perform music that will touch the lives of others. I have had the opportunity to hear Josh sing in multiple different settings, as well as perform with him in a choir setting. No matter what the occasion, Josh puts his heart and soul into making the performance as meaningful as possible.

    Topics & Events

    Life & Mental Health

    The W.A.V.E Technique

    Life is hard enough without fluctuating moods and daily questioning, "Am I stable?" Josh shares his experience having to raise 7 children and still put food on the table.

    Entrepreneurship & Mental Health

    The LevelUp Formula

    Having broad experience and deep passions in music and inspiring others, Josh teaches about how to find your purpose and live it.

    Purpose & Mental Health

    Lifesong 3-Step Framework

    Having broad experience and deep passions in music and inspiring others, Josh teaches about how to find your purpose and live it.

    Schools & Universities

    Josh inspires kids to follow their dreams, to be themselves, and be kind to those they don't understand.

    Non-profits & Associations

    Whether it's a cause for greater mental health awareness, entrepreneurial related, or religious organizations, any place to share stories about resilience and pushing through is a great place for Josh to speak.

    Virtual Events & Workshops

    A place where Q&A sessions are welcome can bring an intimate tone for wonderful opportunities of discovery.

    Conferences & Conventions

    Employees of small, medium, and large companies can also benefit from messages of hope and perseverance.

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